What Exactly Am I Eating?

There’s been a lot of confusion surrounding Subway’s latest release: The Fritos Chicken Enchilada Melt. I’ve decided to clear up a few important questions you may have.

chicken enchilada melt

1. Is Fritos cheating on Taco Bell?

You’d think that with all the Frito-heavy items on the T Bellz menu (ex: Beefy Crunch Burrito, Doritos Locos Tacos), they might have an exclusive contract. However, it turns out they’re in some type of “open relationship,” so Fritos can pair up with any fast food chain they want. Who do you think will be next? My bet’s on Burger King.

my enchilada melt

2. What’s up with that chicken?

You’re probably wondering what kind of sauce is on that chicken. Is it really enchilada sauce? Because it kind of looks like that BBQ chicken they used to have out. When I asked the sandwich artist about it, she replied “I have no idea.” It turns out that it’s some type of chili sauce. I’ve always thought the chicken at Subway was kind of weird, and this is no exception. It’s their typical chicken saturated with the taste of Petros.

3. What was most surprising about it?

First of all, I was surprised that I didn’t totally hate it. I thought it would be incredibly disgusting, but it was actually only “a little” disgusting. Next, I was surprised by the cheese. I expected them to put on cheese sauce on there, but I got to choose which cheese I wanted (Pepperjack. Duh). You don’t get to choose which type of bread you want, though. It comes on flatbread. Lastly, I was surprised by how well the Fritos held it all together. They added the perfect amount of crunch, a hint of texture, and a great flavor combo. Without them, the sandwich would totally suck.

4. Would I eat it again?

Probably not. It was $5.09 for a six inch and fairly mediocre. You could get 5 chili cheese loaded grillers from Taco Bell for that price. PLUS – they’re way better.

Has anyone else tried it? What did you think?


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