It’s Pi Time

Any holiday that can make math class suck slightly less deserves a blog post in its honor. Plus, who doesn’t love Pi(e)?

The Mission: Memorize the first 100 digits of Pi.

I had a bit of a head start on this one. My high school math teacher had a huge poster of pi that went all around her room, and I had an inkling that knowing the digits would be a better life skill than calculus. So the first 20 or so digits were a breeze.

Then things got a little more difficult. I looked up different methods of memorization, but most of them were stupid. No, I’m not going to make each digit a word and create a silly story, I don’t care if it’s proven to work. I decided to just look for patterns within the numbers, write them down, and dive in.


Some sequences were super easy to remember (50288), whereas others were almost impossible (is it 8614 or 8164?), but after enough practice I managed to learn them all. The trick is just to keep an eye out for doubles and sandwiches, much like you’re playing Egyptian Rat Screw.

Bored while driving? Learn some digits.
Stuck in line? It’s memorizin’ time!

Here’s Pi in case you want to follow along…

3.141592653589793238462643383279502884197169399375105820974944592307816406286 2089986280348253421170679


I’d like to thank….

Pyllis Hillis – for making calculus so terrible that I resorted to memorizing numbers on the wall.

My dad – for refusing to buy me a cell phone, thus making number memorization slightly easier than it is for most people my age.

And, of course – Ancient Greeks. For calculating the wonderful, mysterious, magical, Pi.


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