Get a Free Sandwich from Jack in the Box!

For some reason I’ve been getting texts from Jack in the Box for the past year. This is strange because:

1. I don’t remember signing up for it.
2. Why the hell would I sign up for that?
3. I’ve been to Jack in the Box a total of three times in my entire life.

Usually the deals are so terrible that I’ve almost unsubscribed from the text list a few times, but there was always some part of me that was saying “just get through the bad deals, eventually the perfect one will come along.”

That small part of me will now be referred to as Truth, because last night JitB sent me a magical text that I knew I HAD to share with all of you.


Ahh yes!! Free with ANY PURCHASE. None of that buy one get one bullshit they usually throw my way.

So I went to Jack in the Box for the first time in four years. I had vague memories of their tacos being amazing, so I ordered two of those and the Blazin’ Chicken Sandwich.

It cost me $1.08, but was it worth it?

Let’s start with the sandwich. It’s marketed as “made with ghost pepper” so you think it’ll be super spicy. It’s not super spicy, but that’s okay. If you’re going to a fast food place in America looking for severe spiciness, you’re bound to be disappointed (ps can someone please correct me on this and tell me where to go?)


What’s on it, you ask?

Chicken, tomatoes, grilled onions, lettuce, jalapenos, cheese, and “ghost pepper” sauce.

The chicken is pretty good. It’s no Chik Fil A, but I’d say it’s better than Wendy’s. It’s thinner than you’d expect. The tomatoes were tomatoes, and the grilled onions were so scarce I thought they weren’t even on there. I even hunted one out of the cheese, ate it, and only tasted the cheese. But I appreciated the fact that they’re on it because I love grilled onions.

The lettuce was weird, but I’m going to talk more about that later. Here I want to discuss the sauce. It was like… okay. I mean, it really was pretty good, it’s just not right for this sandwich. Here’s why:

The sauce is ranch-based. Okay, ranch is alright, so that’s cool, I guess EXCEPT when we consider the main uses of Ranch dressing. What are they?

– To make vegetables taste better. (ie trick kids into eating them)
– To soothe your burning tongue when you eat spicy foods.

That second reason is where this sandwich falls flat. Ghost pepper and ranch cancel each other out, so you’re left with a sauce that doesn’t detract from the sandwich, but doesn’t exactly add anything either. Any spice you taste comes from the jalapenos, which are delicious, but not quite enough to carry the sandwich to true Spice town.

All in all, it’s pretty good, you should try it TODAY, but don’t pay the $4.99 for it.

And now the important question – How are those tacos?


Well, they’re 2 for a dollar, so that’s pretty awesome. The taco shell is delicious, can you see the grease? Cause my hands still feel greasy and I ate this three hours ago. The shell is the best part, and luckily it makes up 75% of the taco. There’s also some weird lettuce, decent beef, almost-gross-but-not-really-gross cheese, and taco sauce.

I want to address the issue of lettuce here. I’m starting to think fast food places should just get rid of it, or at least find an alternative storing method. It’s never fresh, it rarely adds a good crunch, and it confuses the rest of the ingredients. This is not limited to fast food though, I’ve also cut lettuce out of my grocery store routine. Seriously I just can’t get it to stay fresh for more than 2 days! Does anyone know the secret to lettuce? If so, please tell me and the CEOs of every fast food restaurant, because we’re failing miserably and I’M SICK OF IT.

Anyway, if you want to get the chicken sandwich, just tell them coupon code “744” when you pay. Or you can join the mostly-shitty deal list by texting 31278.




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