Chicken Biscuit Taco: New Twist on a Southern Classic, or a Mid-Morning Mistake?

Oh, the chicken biscuit. A genius invention, a delicious treat, and the perfect opportunity for Taco Bell’s new breakfast menu. How could you possibly make the chicken biscuit better? Turn it into a taco, of course!

That’s exactly what TB has done, and I was lucky enough to try it this morning.

biscuit taco

You probably have a lot of questions, so here we go!

How can the soft flakiness of a biscuit be translated into a taco shell?

This was my main concern, too, but don’t worry! First, they made it thinner and denser. A huge problem with fast food chicken biscuits is that the biscuit falls apart and you’re left with a large piece of chicken, useless crumbs, and sauce all over your hands.

The biscuit taco did break in the middle, but other than that it stayed intact. It has a hint of honey and tastes kind of like a sopapilla. I approve.

What the hell does Taco Bell know about fried chicken?

Unfortunately, not very much. The chicken is easily the weakest part of this breakfast. It was too hard, too dry, and left me wishing for Popeye’s. But I’m going to forgive Taco Bell because this is still a very new item.

What the chicken lacked in texture, it made up for in taste: solid breading with a perfect hint of spice. I’m confident that the chicken will be excellent once the staff learns how to cook it properly.


Seriously though, how’s the sauce?

Well, you start out with 2 options: jalepeno honey and gravy. Obviously I went with the former, and you should too because it’s fucking magical.

Tangy, sweet, and the perfect addition to your chicken biscuit taco. It tastes like the mango habanero sauce from Dominos (if you haven’t tried that, get on it asap).

All in all, I’m fairly satisfied with the Chicken Biscuit Taco. I ate it two hours ago and don’t feel like dying, so it’s automatically better than the waffle taco. Plus, it looks small, but it’s pretty filling. Have fun!


One thought on “Chicken Biscuit Taco: New Twist on a Southern Classic, or a Mid-Morning Mistake?

  1. Maybe the Jalapeno Honey I had was a dud batch but mine was way to sweet with no heat/pepper flavor to it. I think it would be good on other items as it did have a great flavor but it’s not what I was expecting.

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